Refereed Publications

  • “Becoming exceptional? American and European exceptionalism and their critics: a review” in L’Europe en formation, nº 359, March 2011
  • “Ever closer markets: Public procurement & services in the EU and the USA.” in Political Perspectives, 2 (2), 2008
  • “Data Collection Online: Techniques and Traps when Searching for (Treaty-related) Data on the   WWW.” in International Studies Perspectives, 8 (2). iv – v, 2007


 Non-Refereed Publications

  • Interview conducted by Chaemin Lee and published in Money Today, Korean Newspaper,                        

    June 16, 2012, accessible at:

  • "Voices of doom ignore true strength of European Union." Op-Ed in The Register-Guard, November 25, 2011, p. A 13

                                                                      Click on this link to read op-ed

  • “And the wall came tumbling down.” Op-Ed with Tamas Golya in The Register-Guard, November 25, 2009, p. G1 and 4   

 Click on this link to read op-ed

 Other publications

  • Capture Lane County: First prize in the News & Events photo category     

    Book: Capture Lane County. The Register-Guard (2008), p. 79; ISBN: 978-1-59725-150-1

  • Pumpkin photo in the Parade Magazin, Snapshot Photo Column, Sunday, October 30, 2005, p10

  • Hoffmann, Leif, Schmülling, Kriemhild. Hier Ist Doch Ein Bißchen Anders: Dokumentation Über

    Hertener Aussiedler Aus Der Ehemaligen Sowietunion. Herten: Caritasverband Herten, 1995.